Media release: VIP Breakfast for Health and Community Leaders

Media release time: Wed 30 Apr 2014, 12:00a.m.

Chiropractors meet with Politian’s and prominent health and community leaders to discuss emerging health concerns for Tasmanians.

The Chiropractors Association of Australia (TAS) is to present prominent US speaker Malik Slosberg to Tasmanian health and community leaders this Monday the 31st of March.

A VIP breakfast will be held for prominent members of the health care community. Dr Malik Slosberg will present on “the current scope of practice and evidence for the utilisation of chiropractic care” and “how chiropractic services can help Tasmanians”.

The health budget has been a hot topic in the recent state election. Back pain is a major component of GP and emergency department visits in Tasmania, representing a large financial burden and patient backlog.

Approximately 2 million Australians are currently experiencing back pain costing the Government billions of dollars a year in lost productivity, welfare, and forced early retirement.

The CAA has recently committed millions of dollars to research over the coming years, reinforcing a commitment to evidence based care.

Dr Malik Slosberg DC will be presenting to Tasmanian chiropractors this weekend. The focus of the seminar is contemporary models of chiropractic and integrating exercise for long term improvement in pain and function.