Event: Functional and Clinical Neurology Foundations

Event time: Sat 29 Aug 2015, 1:00p.m.


Presenter: Dr John Kelly

Date: Saturday, 29th of August

Time: 1pm - 5pm, AGM to follow

Location: Hobart Function and Conference Centre, Elizabeth St Pier, Hobart, Tasmania (Website)

Cost: $110 GST inclusive (see payment options below)

The Program

Topics to be covered include;

-Sensory and motor axis morphology review

-Segmental reflex mechanisms

-Exteroceptive and proprioceptive reflex mechanisms and characteristics

-Sympathetic dominance

-Discal innervation

-Local and general neural facilitation

-Neurological red flag review

-Peripheral and central neurological assessment

-The neurological influence of touch

-Litigation case support

-What's the big idea?

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Payment Options

To make payment via direct deposit for the seminar

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            BSB:   632 001  
            A/C no: 1000 18747
            Bank: B&E
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Cheque payment, made payable to Chiropractors Association of Australia, Tasmania, Ltd. Send Cheque to CAA Treasurer 99 Forbes Street, Devonport, Tas 7113